Tuesday, 31 March 2015

WesterN SinginG..!!

Reported by – Shubham
Written by– Anvesha Dhar 

What is music? What an odd thing it is to see an entire species, billions of people, playing with or listening to tonal patterns, occupied and preoccupied for much of their time by what they call ‘music’. But music can also be profoundly poignant, without being familiar, sometimes calling up memories from the distant past. All of us have had the experience of being transported by the sheer beauty of music – and that’s what exactly happened at this year’s Western Solo Singing Contest of  KAALRAV 2k15!

To start with, a lot of participants had come from different colleges, namely SIT, SMIMS, ATTC, SMCON apart from the students of SMIT.  The event commenced around 11:30 in the morning (Day 2 of Kaalrav) and the judging committee consisted of Mr. Kiran Gautam, Mr. Roshan Pradhan and Mrs. Sonam Sherpa.

 The first contestant Smyrna was from SMIMS, followed by Caroline from SMCON. The next to follow were Manish Bangrung from SIT, Anamika Sinha from SMIT, Padmanbh from SMIMS, Dudmo Kunsang from ATTC, Saurav Rai,Mriganka Dutta from SIT and Nikhil from SMIT.

The audience had a really great time, thanks to the outstanding performances put up by all the brilliant singers. There were all kinds of music, starting from EDM to alternative rock to psychedelic rock. A few of the songs performed were - Call Of Blind (sang by Smyrna) , Your Call ( by Manish), When I Look At You ( by Anamika). The crowd really enjoyed singing along to Radioactive (by Caroline, originally composed by Imagine Dragons), Titanium (sang by Padma, originally composed by David Guetta) and How I wish you were here (sang by Swapnil, originally composed by Pink Floyd). All in all, a great show indeed.

In conversation with the participants:

With Padma
Q. Was Kaalrav at par with your expectations?
Its actually way better than what I’d expected. I’d rather call it stupendous. The organization is terrific and it has exceeded my expectations

With Swapnil
Q. What was your strategy in preparing for this competition?
The strategy is not to make any mistakes, especially not to overdo anything. The best we can do is to try not to make mistakes. And of course, a lot of hard work.

With Anamika
Q. How tough was the competition, keeping in mind the performances put up by your fellow contestants?
I’d say it was really tough. All of the participants were spectacular.

With Manish
Q. What’ll be the next step if you win this competition?
Well, right now I’m really focused on forming a band with some of my fellow musicians, so I guess if I win , it’ll be a major step towards my singing career.

Monday, 30 March 2015


Reported by – Arnav Tyagi
Written by – Anvesha Dhar 

There are so many kinds of music for every kind of feeling or expression there exists, several genres to define yet another feeling.  Starting with pop ,rock, heavy metal, to country, blues, jazz, rock n’ roll. But one thing is common for all the genres. No matter how alone you are, if you have a bad day, there’s one thing that’ll always be there for you. And that’s music.
Kaalrav 2k15, as always, hosted Battle of Bands – an event that brings all kinds of music and musicians together on one stage. And as the name suggests, it’s one hell of a battle.  On Day 1 of Kaalrav, bands from SMIT, SMIMS and other colleges performed to win the title of ‘The Best Band’. The bands that performed are – Since Now, Rejected Sitcoms, Klik, Overflare. While in conversation with the bands, a lot of surprising reactions came up. Read on!

In conversation with Klik
(Vocalist – Rickwang Kachopa
Drums – Aavishkar
Keyboard – Avantika Chetri
Guitar- Nishant)

Q. How much hard work did you have to put in after getting selected in the auditions?
A lot. Seriously a lot. Each night we had to take the drums to E quad, so that we could jam there as we have a female key player in our band. So, that’s the only time we got to jam because by 8.30 she always had to go back to her hostel. And moreover we couldn’t find anywhere else to jam. It was tough.

Q. Any sudden changes that you had to make before the show?
Yes. Ten minutes before the show we had to change our song list. Because everyone was playing either deathcore/metalcore. So we decided to play rock n’ roll, power and thrash metal. We played Roadhouse Blues, Cemetary Gates and Master Of Puppets.
Well, I must say, a great selection of songs!
Thank you.

Q. Did anything go wrong during the show?
No, not really except that the guitar had some distortions in between.

Q. What do you think are the chances of you winning?
We are quite optimistic about it. Let’s see what happens.

In conversation with Since Now
(Vocals- Devansh Sampang
Guitar- Deepan Lama
Guitar – Namgyal Bhutia
Drums - Dibya
Bass - Mridul Wangdi)

Q. Did the crowd react? Was your preparation worth it?
At first we were a little unsure of how the crowd is going to react, but then I saw they really enjoyed the show. So yes, the preparation did pay off.

Q. Mr. Drummer, you were really geared up today, what’s the secret behind so much enthusiasm and energy?
It’s music. To feel the music flowing inside you.

Q. Will you like to perform again here in SMIT?
Of course. We have been here before, and we would love to come back again and again.

In conversation with Overflare

Q. How was the crowd?
The crowd was really responsive. I hope they had a good time.
They surely did.

Q. Did anything go wrong while you were performing?
No. But then, when we’re getting to the best part of our last song, ‘Highway to Hell’, we were called off the stage. So that’s what went wrong.
Well, that shouldn’t have happened. But the crowd really enjoyed your show and that’s what matters.
Yes, it does.

 All in all, a great show.

Saturday, 28 March 2015

Group Dance #day-2..!!

Reported by- Manisha Das
Written by- Ashmita Ganguly
Edited by-Roden Chettri

Dancing, has always been a mirror to the soul of the dancer. It is the art of the body to express the rhythm of the music and it is dancing that has brought together mankind in times of celebrations, spoken the depths of the heart in times of turmoil. Here, as we stood on the grounds on Day 2 of Kaalrav 2015 at noon, we, The Chatter, took the privilege to interview the five groups who performed and fought for the winning position of the Group Dance competition, Kaalrav 2015. Here is an insight as to what they had to say regarding their performance and certain other factors.

With the formulation of a routine that expressed the treacherous yet ongoing practice of honour killing, following which they portrayed the very intoxicating scenarios of drug addiction and the serene calmness of being rehabilitated after going through the tumultuous life of a narcotic, we had the team 'Illusions', representing our very own college, SMIT. When asked about their on-stage experience, they spoke to us about just how important a part dancing is in their lives. The seniors of the group spoke highly of their juniors, especially for their cooperation.

And as the crowd cheered on for the next performers of the noon, which was the dance group representing SMIMS. "It is a dance routine showing the transformation of the previously much dominated and submissive female world into this new, evolved, independent kind, who places her foot down when wronged. This performance speaks on a retrospective view and hopefully shall benefit, in its own small ways, to this gender", said the very enthusiastic voice of one of their team mates when interviewed by the Chatter.
The group from SMIMS expressed their appreciation towards the well organised stage put up by SMIT, and in every way expressed their love for the crowd present. They said, " Kaalrav, with its zest and liveliness, is undoubtedly one of the most awaited events of the year. We loved the audience for its support and for all its appreciation. We love performing here, it feels warm and comforting every time we come. We look very forward to coming here again to perform next year", the group expressed.

And what was interesting that it was just not from SMIMS, but in fact it was a common beautiful fact that we noticed amongst every participating college. Every college there held the same level of anticipation and longing as we, SMITians, held for Kaalrav in our hearts and minds. This shows just how many lives Kaalrav has touched along its due course of happening over the years.
The next interview was with the dance group Cyclones, representing SMIT yet again."I feel alive, dancing is my passion", said a voice amidst the group members and it was quite understood by that voice that it is truly a deep connection they feel with their dancing. Theirs was a rather different and unique theme. They shed light on violence on women in the modern era. A very delicate and much palpable danger which every system is trying to eradicate, this dance group from SMIT managed to bring forth awareness in their own special way on the stage of Kaalrav.
The dance group representing SMCON was next on our list of contestants to have been interviewed. The participants said the following during the interview, "It is an honour to be performing on such a platform. The respect we receive from here for our work is truly and deeply appreciated. We are grateful to SMIT for having us over and we would love to come back to Kaalrav, back to our audience". When asked about their theme, they explained it as a theme devoted to the versatile nature of the women-kind. It was mainly to show that women, today, lead the world on every field.  They spoke of the equality amongst the men and women that should prevail.

Our very last interview was with the girls of the Sikkim Government College(SGC). Having taken us through the journey of evolution of dance from jazz to their popping and locking and all its other forms it has encountered along its course of action. During their interview SGC spoke to us about how they love the crowd and enjoyed the energy present around. They added the fact that it is rather intimidating when you see so many good performances being put, but none the less, it was a very pleasant and enjoyable experience they had.

Finally, the results were declared and team Cyclone were announced as the winning group of the Kaalrav 2015 Group Dance competition, SGC having come second in position.

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Care for Angels...# Interview with Mr.Abner Rai (Head of organisation).

Written by: Yashodhara Sen
Reported by: Anmol Singh Walia and Yashodhara Sen
Photographs by: Sumit Thakur and Shreyas

When and why did you start the organization?
I started the charity in the year 2010. I faced a tough childhood. My father was an alcoholic and we were 9 siblings. My mother faced  a lot of difficulty in bringing us up. Due to the struggle that I went through I decided that as a responsible citizen I will work for those children who face the same difficulty that I faced. So, from the year 2002 I started the preparation to open a Home for all those needy children and after a lot of hard work I was able to start my own organization successfully.

What was your motto when you first started the charity?
I initially had no plans of starting a children’s home. My first objective was to educate at least 10 poor children and when they would grow up and get a job, they would then be able to support their families.
I strongly feel for those children who cannot afford education because they neither have money, food, clothes, nor any relatives to help them. I did start with only 10 children but then the number shot upto 35. Professionally I am a primary school teacher so that helped me to take care of the children and educate them.

Where do these children come from?
They come from many places in the north east like Sikkim and Meghalaya. The one who is blind is from Meghalaya. He is not blind from birth. His parents had disowned him. The boy had starved and due to deficiency he has now turned blind. He even had a protruded eye ball but now due to repeated treatment the size of the eyeball is normal but sadly he has lost his vision.

You must have faced a lot of difficulties in bringing up these children. What inspiration drives you to work for the noble cause?
I believe that unless and until you truly feel for something you cannot make that work. Only donating does not mean you feel for the children. I am a primary school teacher and I have a moderate income. My grandfather was a zamindar so I sold fields to get money.
I pay fees to the 12 teachers who work in my charity school. Sometimes we get money from the donations but we do not have a regular support. The Government also does not support us. However all these blocked roads do not deter me. I’ll keep working for their betterment and nothing can stop me from doing so.

What are your hopes on its future?
See, earlier these children had no hopes. They did not know how long they would survive but after coming to me they can now look forward to a better future. As long as I can support them they will never have a problem.

So how will you sustain this charity in the future?

Right now I have spent everything on my dream. I have only one house and have 3 children to look after. Neither I have any insurance nor any deposits. However I am satisfied and happy with my work. No matter what, I will make this happen. It is just not a project for me. Many people think that this world is evil. I believe that  even if 60 percent is evil , the remaining 40 percent is still  good and this world exists because of this 40 percent. There are some people who genuinely work for my cause and I am grateful to them. I will die but not let my dream fail.

Last but not the least how was your experience in SMIT?
I am grateful to SMIT for letting my children perform here. It is a huge thing for us to be invited. We are very happy to come here and entertain everyone with our act. Thank you SMIT.

Kaalrav-ing Behind the scenes...!! #1st_year's-p.o.v

Written by: Rajashri Pegu(1st yr)
Edited by: Yashraj Chettri
Photographs by: Akash and Shreyas

So it’s time for the students to show off their skills! Be it advertising, financing, acting, dancing, singing, debating, painting, eating, cheating, chatting, screaming, demeaning, loving, fighting.....you name it, and it’s all there! Where? At the much awaited college fest of SMIT- Kaalrav! Now, this would not have been very hard to guess! It is all about fun embellished with learning experience when it comes to organizing a successful college festival .If you say college festivals are all about the fun, frolic, dancing, eating, chatting, meeting new people from other colleges, participating in events, star performances and all that, just hold on. Let’s take a step back. What takes to bring in all these components in a fest? What goes on behind the scenes?

Given that almost every college these days hosts its annual festival, students from various disciplines of different colleges across the country speak about what takes to make a fest ‘good’, ‘unique’ and ‘laudable’. Arranging a fest ranges from planning a theme, to fixing the budget, managing sponsorship, inviting guests, performers, arranging events and a lot more. The task is unquestionably not a one-day match. Given that most colleges follow a credit system, missing out on a single class means losing out on a considerable grade point. Yet, students manage to put up a great show despite this firmness in class timings. It basically shows the dedication and the enthusiasm of the students, which obviously, is more apparent in freshmen like me. I was a part of the hospitality committee and though it didn’t include the glorious labors of the decoration committee, I liked my job quite well (much to my surprise, considering my social skills, or lack thereof). Now, the soft skills required there seem to go in contrast with the technical education I’m gaining right now in this college.

So basically, choosing to a play role in a college festival, which don’t essentially go hand in glove with my degree, challenged me out of my comfort zone and enabled me to acquire a different skill set. And it applies to everybody! Having a blast at a college festival and enjoying yourself now has a new meaning.

Talking of adults, the way the organization of fests, in general, has changed over time has mixed reactions. While the whole idea of students going out there, interacting with the big shots of companies to get sponsors and take up the responsibility of organizing a huge event is awe inspiring, the whole idea of students sometimes misusing the power acts as blots on the otherwise beautiful picture. Our college fests have undoubtedly seen a complete overhaul from being just another “school-type-fete” funded by the authorities and attended by a meager few to mega star studded events, high on oomph and life!

Here, a completely off track point that needs to be brought to notice is the security arrangements at fests. Every college has its own security policy. While some are kind enough to let students enter with their college identity cards, some believe in the policy of “prevention is better than cure” and do not let students enter without a pass. Well, I refuse to comment on this. All, I want to say about this is, as long as both the parties (security men and students) do not spoil the taste of the cake called fests, we have no complaints.

Ending on a rather festive note, for we are all in the mood for some fun, here is what I want to say — During the times when our morals and ethical values are going through a complete overhaul, we do not know what to hold on to and what to discard. All we know is that we can go with the flow and see where it takes us.

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