Monday, 30 March 2015


Reported by – Arnav Tyagi
Written by – Anvesha Dhar 

There are so many kinds of music for every kind of feeling or expression there exists, several genres to define yet another feeling.  Starting with pop ,rock, heavy metal, to country, blues, jazz, rock n’ roll. But one thing is common for all the genres. No matter how alone you are, if you have a bad day, there’s one thing that’ll always be there for you. And that’s music.
Kaalrav 2k15, as always, hosted Battle of Bands – an event that brings all kinds of music and musicians together on one stage. And as the name suggests, it’s one hell of a battle.  On Day 1 of Kaalrav, bands from SMIT, SMIMS and other colleges performed to win the title of ‘The Best Band’. The bands that performed are – Since Now, Rejected Sitcoms, Klik, Overflare. While in conversation with the bands, a lot of surprising reactions came up. Read on!

In conversation with Klik
(Vocalist – Rickwang Kachopa
Drums – Aavishkar
Keyboard – Avantika Chetri
Guitar- Nishant)

Q. How much hard work did you have to put in after getting selected in the auditions?
A lot. Seriously a lot. Each night we had to take the drums to E quad, so that we could jam there as we have a female key player in our band. So, that’s the only time we got to jam because by 8.30 she always had to go back to her hostel. And moreover we couldn’t find anywhere else to jam. It was tough.

Q. Any sudden changes that you had to make before the show?
Yes. Ten minutes before the show we had to change our song list. Because everyone was playing either deathcore/metalcore. So we decided to play rock n’ roll, power and thrash metal. We played Roadhouse Blues, Cemetary Gates and Master Of Puppets.
Well, I must say, a great selection of songs!
Thank you.

Q. Did anything go wrong during the show?
No, not really except that the guitar had some distortions in between.

Q. What do you think are the chances of you winning?
We are quite optimistic about it. Let’s see what happens.

In conversation with Since Now
(Vocals- Devansh Sampang
Guitar- Deepan Lama
Guitar – Namgyal Bhutia
Drums - Dibya
Bass - Mridul Wangdi)

Q. Did the crowd react? Was your preparation worth it?
At first we were a little unsure of how the crowd is going to react, but then I saw they really enjoyed the show. So yes, the preparation did pay off.

Q. Mr. Drummer, you were really geared up today, what’s the secret behind so much enthusiasm and energy?
It’s music. To feel the music flowing inside you.

Q. Will you like to perform again here in SMIT?
Of course. We have been here before, and we would love to come back again and again.

In conversation with Overflare

Q. How was the crowd?
The crowd was really responsive. I hope they had a good time.
They surely did.

Q. Did anything go wrong while you were performing?
No. But then, when we’re getting to the best part of our last song, ‘Highway to Hell’, we were called off the stage. So that’s what went wrong.
Well, that shouldn’t have happened. But the crowd really enjoyed your show and that’s what matters.
Yes, it does.

 All in all, a great show.

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