Saturday, 28 March 2015

Group Dance #day-2..!!

Reported by- Manisha Das
Written by- Ashmita Ganguly
Edited by-Roden Chettri

Dancing, has always been a mirror to the soul of the dancer. It is the art of the body to express the rhythm of the music and it is dancing that has brought together mankind in times of celebrations, spoken the depths of the heart in times of turmoil. Here, as we stood on the grounds on Day 2 of Kaalrav 2015 at noon, we, The Chatter, took the privilege to interview the five groups who performed and fought for the winning position of the Group Dance competition, Kaalrav 2015. Here is an insight as to what they had to say regarding their performance and certain other factors.

With the formulation of a routine that expressed the treacherous yet ongoing practice of honour killing, following which they portrayed the very intoxicating scenarios of drug addiction and the serene calmness of being rehabilitated after going through the tumultuous life of a narcotic, we had the team 'Illusions', representing our very own college, SMIT. When asked about their on-stage experience, they spoke to us about just how important a part dancing is in their lives. The seniors of the group spoke highly of their juniors, especially for their cooperation.

And as the crowd cheered on for the next performers of the noon, which was the dance group representing SMIMS. "It is a dance routine showing the transformation of the previously much dominated and submissive female world into this new, evolved, independent kind, who places her foot down when wronged. This performance speaks on a retrospective view and hopefully shall benefit, in its own small ways, to this gender", said the very enthusiastic voice of one of their team mates when interviewed by the Chatter.
The group from SMIMS expressed their appreciation towards the well organised stage put up by SMIT, and in every way expressed their love for the crowd present. They said, " Kaalrav, with its zest and liveliness, is undoubtedly one of the most awaited events of the year. We loved the audience for its support and for all its appreciation. We love performing here, it feels warm and comforting every time we come. We look very forward to coming here again to perform next year", the group expressed.

And what was interesting that it was just not from SMIMS, but in fact it was a common beautiful fact that we noticed amongst every participating college. Every college there held the same level of anticipation and longing as we, SMITians, held for Kaalrav in our hearts and minds. This shows just how many lives Kaalrav has touched along its due course of happening over the years.
The next interview was with the dance group Cyclones, representing SMIT yet again."I feel alive, dancing is my passion", said a voice amidst the group members and it was quite understood by that voice that it is truly a deep connection they feel with their dancing. Theirs was a rather different and unique theme. They shed light on violence on women in the modern era. A very delicate and much palpable danger which every system is trying to eradicate, this dance group from SMIT managed to bring forth awareness in their own special way on the stage of Kaalrav.
The dance group representing SMCON was next on our list of contestants to have been interviewed. The participants said the following during the interview, "It is an honour to be performing on such a platform. The respect we receive from here for our work is truly and deeply appreciated. We are grateful to SMIT for having us over and we would love to come back to Kaalrav, back to our audience". When asked about their theme, they explained it as a theme devoted to the versatile nature of the women-kind. It was mainly to show that women, today, lead the world on every field.  They spoke of the equality amongst the men and women that should prevail.

Our very last interview was with the girls of the Sikkim Government College(SGC). Having taken us through the journey of evolution of dance from jazz to their popping and locking and all its other forms it has encountered along its course of action. During their interview SGC spoke to us about how they love the crowd and enjoyed the energy present around. They added the fact that it is rather intimidating when you see so many good performances being put, but none the less, it was a very pleasant and enjoyable experience they had.

Finally, the results were declared and team Cyclone were announced as the winning group of the Kaalrav 2015 Group Dance competition, SGC having come second in position.

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