Monday, 22 December 2014

In Conversation With GANGOTRI GOSWAMI...!!

Reported by: Anmol Singh, Shashank Singh, Mayank Arora

Photographs by: Sumit Thakur

Shashank: As everyone know you are the Gangotri Goswami, you were V.P of ECSA, what was your experience in the College as its your last year?
Gangotri:  Starting from first year i got inspired by seniors to take part in extra Curricular Activity. I Joined the first club “ The UnEdited “ , a fortnightly newspaper. Started debating, extemporing, emceeing as well. My first year was very exciting. I had wonderful set of friends who made second year amazing and worth living. well the Third year was busy as everyone got involved in student council. And I Would have definitely missed something if I  wouldn't have come to this place.

Anmol: What was your experience with and without WiFi?
Gangotri: In First & second year I didn't expect WiFi will run so well as it does now. It upgraded From nothing to commendable scale, this college is doing well.

Anmol: Do you imagine life without WiFi?
Gangotri: I Can’t Imagine life without WiFi but it is making us addictive but at the same time we found  ways of other activities like going around and interacting with people and see what is  happening  around. The Disadvantages of WiFi is that people hardly venture out of their room.

Shashank: How do u find juniors in this college?
Gangotri: Juniors are great, present 3rd years are awesome all of them are into something and not only them the 2nd years are hard working and I can see various types of activities as MUN and Reverbs started from their batch. I would praise their commendable teamwork and enthusiastic nature.

Anmol: You were the V.P of ECSA and you conducted Echelon last year, so what was your experience?
Gangotri:  Being V.P  made me learn a lot, I came close to many people, interacted with them, which in a way made me earn good friends. Anything you do in campus is that you take a step forward and make yourself happy.

Mayank: Our theme for today is back to the future, Which one year was better for you the 1st year or the 4th year
Gangotri: ohh that’s a very tough question, I would have picked up 2nd and 3rd  year. Actually in first year you are confused where to go as you are directly from 12th, whether I should study more or whether should I venture out of my room. When coming to 4th year you have nothing to lose and I didn't lose anything, so in 4th year I am content with everything that whatever I did won’t be a point of regret ever.

Mayank: Where do you see SMIT in 10 year’s
Gangotri: I would imagine the students of SMIT going and representing India in world Debate.

Mayank: Do you think something is lacking in this college?
Gangotri: Yes, First there is a gap, a barrier between college management and students, we are trying to forge that gap since first year but students have to go and ask for permission from authorities to exhibit their creativity and talent. The amount of inspiration is lacking. There are so many things that go inside like the managerial board and various activities happening, but then only few people know about it.The Concept of attendance is very controversial and need improvement as well as the need of an optional Mess. The security system in College need some improvement.

Mayank: Do u think people of SMIT are active?
Gangotri: Yes, by looking at you people ,you people are very active but there are some people who only restrict to their rooms, there a lot to be done from management side.

Mayank: Dil se 5 baate about SMIT
  1.          Awesome friends
  2.         You’ll get opportunities if you’ll look for them.
  3.         Great campus
  4.         You can take out inner qualities, as you have free time. You’ll have moment of pros and cons.
  5.         I have a collage of memories of my days in SMIT which I’ll carry along.

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