Sunday, 21 December 2014

Story after an Year....

                 Reported by: Satyaki Bhattacharjee.
August 2013 was when I insinuated into SMIT. The atmosphere seemed prodigiously assiduous. The most attractive entity enclosing this college is the natural piece of art bestowed upon us by the almighty, which is the pristine nature that was, is and always will be an effective Center of Attraction for every tourist travelling to this corner of the world. A few distinctive changes in the structural development of SMIT were brought into the act.

        Around the period 2012-2013, an Amphi theater better known as Amphi amongst the students, was built up. The amphitheater is spacious enough to occupy huge number of students comfortably. Although used less in the initial stages of its inception, the amphi is now being thoroughly utilized by the students for purposes like holding meetings of recreational groups like,“The chatter”, “GSC”, “Reverbs”, ”Halla Bol” etc. The movie club showcases movies on Saturday evening where every student and member of the SMIT family is invited.

Moreover whenever a large crowd is needed to be addressed by a group of students or teachers, Amphi is the place to be made full use of.
        The civil block alongside the Workshop labs was being constructed since the beginning of the year 2014. Currently in the month August 2014, the creation of this block has been completed and the students of the civil department attend their classes in these blocks. 
    Added to this change, the Amul parlor behind the academic block was built in the early months of 2014.
This food parlor has turned out to be a big hit amongst the students who quench their thirst with the juices and soft drinks and enjoy a handful of snacks in the evening.

      Currently, a massive sports complex is being built in the open area alongside the two boys hostels. Which is expected to finish up by the year 2017-2018. Rumors say that a swimming pool, an advanced gymnasium and couple of other indoor sports will be introduced inside the complex.

        In the initial months of 2014, the food quality and the sanitation level of the college mess degraded considerably, to counter act this downfall, all students of SMIT grouped up together showcasing the immense understanding, brotherhood and teamwork amongst the students who protested peacefully to bring in a change, in order to enhance the quality of the food served everyday.

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