Monday, 22 December 2014

Interview with K.R.N Kashyap

Reported by: Shashank Singh & Aakanksha Singh

Photographs by: Sumit Thakur

Aakanksha: When you came to this college, how many active clubs were present here?
Kashyap:  There were very few clubs at that time, I remember one was the young scientist club, medha magic and one more.

Aakanksha: When you came in second year things started to come up, you became the G.S.A, what was your experience with and without present facilities?
Kashyap: Talking about Wi-Fi, it was bleak only some parts of college were covered. We had to put IP address then again had to put up user id and password and if you’re lucky then you’ll get internet access. The transform was from Dark Age to Modern.

Shashank: What was your experience in opening the club or let’s say bringing new club to S.M.I.T?
Kashyap: Talking About club, it was a little difficult in the beginning; the Director- Maj. Gen. Dasaka, started an initiative of 3 clubs, which could not make an impact on students. Talking about “Me” when I started, had an advantage as the club came with a brand name GOOGLE. People were more exited, they showed more interest.

Aakanksha: What do you think are the opinion of First year for SMIT?
Kashyap: Maybe today’s first year, when they complain that SMIT has nothing and I hear it, I have a very different perspective on that. What I said in first year that SMIT has got nothing, today SMIT’s batch of First year saying “SMIT has got nothing” is way different. It’s my fourth year and I know from what I have been through here. I’ve seen a tremendous Change.

Shashank: Everyone Know you are famous in this college By the Name Google, What were the problems you faced while opening “The Google Student Club”?
Kashyap: I didn’t face any difficulty while opening the club. As I said it came with a brand name and the journey started with me with going with a meet in Goa,”Google India Community Summit 2013”.So, when I came back I had a clear cut idea of how to approach things. So, I went with the plan of action, prepared my schedule for next 6 months, what I am going to do, when and how. So thank god and the Director, he was happy as students were taking initiative. My HOD at that time Mr.M.K Ghosh also helped me at that time. Challenges! When I say challenges, resources were not given at proper time, we always adjusted and Journey was with hard ups and Downs. Challenges were pretty big.

Aakanksha: What was the reaction of students toward the new opened club?
Kashyap: First event 20 participants, second event 80+ participants and I had to send out some back because I couldn't accommodate them. Turnout mostly increased all the time. Then consistency came into play. People always showed interest, as everything we conducted came with a brand name Google map, Android..etc.

Shashank: It was your idea to start this club, but what about your teammates, who might have worked day and night with you to make this club possible?
Kashyap: I had a team of 8 people, it had explicitly defined role which people played such as Technical Lead, Cultural lead, Social Media Lead, Education Lead, Research Lead, Creativity Lead. What I had done was I assigned specific role to a person by taking interviews.

Shashank: What were the keywords that you followed by keeping in mind that you have to open this club?
  1. Never get demotivated
  2.  Keep Spirits high
  3.  Never Give up
  4.  Hard work pays off
  5.  Success
  6.  Face Hurdles/Challenges
  7. Overcome Problem

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