Thursday, 26 March 2015

Care for Angels...# Interview with Mr.Abner Rai (Head of organisation).

Written by: Yashodhara Sen
Reported by: Anmol Singh Walia and Yashodhara Sen
Photographs by: Sumit Thakur and Shreyas

When and why did you start the organization?
I started the charity in the year 2010. I faced a tough childhood. My father was an alcoholic and we were 9 siblings. My mother faced  a lot of difficulty in bringing us up. Due to the struggle that I went through I decided that as a responsible citizen I will work for those children who face the same difficulty that I faced. So, from the year 2002 I started the preparation to open a Home for all those needy children and after a lot of hard work I was able to start my own organization successfully.

What was your motto when you first started the charity?
I initially had no plans of starting a children’s home. My first objective was to educate at least 10 poor children and when they would grow up and get a job, they would then be able to support their families.
I strongly feel for those children who cannot afford education because they neither have money, food, clothes, nor any relatives to help them. I did start with only 10 children but then the number shot upto 35. Professionally I am a primary school teacher so that helped me to take care of the children and educate them.

Where do these children come from?
They come from many places in the north east like Sikkim and Meghalaya. The one who is blind is from Meghalaya. He is not blind from birth. His parents had disowned him. The boy had starved and due to deficiency he has now turned blind. He even had a protruded eye ball but now due to repeated treatment the size of the eyeball is normal but sadly he has lost his vision.

You must have faced a lot of difficulties in bringing up these children. What inspiration drives you to work for the noble cause?
I believe that unless and until you truly feel for something you cannot make that work. Only donating does not mean you feel for the children. I am a primary school teacher and I have a moderate income. My grandfather was a zamindar so I sold fields to get money.
I pay fees to the 12 teachers who work in my charity school. Sometimes we get money from the donations but we do not have a regular support. The Government also does not support us. However all these blocked roads do not deter me. I’ll keep working for their betterment and nothing can stop me from doing so.

What are your hopes on its future?
See, earlier these children had no hopes. They did not know how long they would survive but after coming to me they can now look forward to a better future. As long as I can support them they will never have a problem.

So how will you sustain this charity in the future?

Right now I have spent everything on my dream. I have only one house and have 3 children to look after. Neither I have any insurance nor any deposits. However I am satisfied and happy with my work. No matter what, I will make this happen. It is just not a project for me. Many people think that this world is evil. I believe that  even if 60 percent is evil , the remaining 40 percent is still  good and this world exists because of this 40 percent. There are some people who genuinely work for my cause and I am grateful to them. I will die but not let my dream fail.

Last but not the least how was your experience in SMIT?
I am grateful to SMIT for letting my children perform here. It is a huge thing for us to be invited. We are very happy to come here and entertain everyone with our act. Thank you SMIT.

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