Wednesday, 26 February 2014

SMIT Speaks

Jyotika Sharma (1st year)

·         At the start of the academic year, we joined many clubs and now there is no activity in these clubs. I think this should change and the clubs should organize more activities.

·         The quality of food is very bad here.

·         We should have a special lunch/dinner atleast once in a month where the students get to pick their food.

·         We have classes till 6pm and if we have some work outside, we need to be back in by 7pm, which isn’t always possible. The in-time should be increased.

Ankita Chhetri and Sampada Shreshtha (1st year)

·         A stage is required where different events can be held. The E Quad is too small for fests.

·         There should be more of co-ed activities.

·         The college rules make it awkward for boys and girls. They should be allowed to interact more freely.

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