Wednesday, 26 February 2014



Interviewed by Aparna Jha and Satyaki Bhattacharjee; Photographer: Aditya Singh

Q. What are your views about “The Chatter”, the first official newsletter of SMIT?
A. I think The Chatter would be the voice of SMIT. Right now, many activities go unnoticed in the college. Things happen and no one knows about them. It would be a medium to reach everyone, so that the opinion of every student is taken into account.

Q. What so you see SMIT as? Explain SMIT in your own words as you see it.
A. I think SMIT is a miniature India, filled with different types of people, people of different cultures living together, having developed a culture of its own.. Sometimes, I think SMIT is filmy. We take love seriously; we have a mall road, a piya milan chowk, a judai point and everything (laughs)

Q. Any improvements that can be made in our college according to you?
A. What SMIT lacks is quality or say, the X-factor. I think The Chatter is going to change that. SMIT might become one hell of a place to be at.

Q. Apart from ‘The Chatter’, do you have any other idea of how to bring this change?
A. The Student Council of SMIT is comprised of people who have 7.5 CGPA and above. I don’t think only high pointers can be good leaders or sportsmen.

Q. Any particular incident in this college that you would like to share with us?
A. Last year, around October, I had arranged a whole seminar, on “How to Channelize Youth Power in SMIT”, by myself and it was a great success. I have fond memories of that.

Q. Have you taken any initiatives towards activities in the college?
A. I tried to bring light on MUN, the Google club and The Chatter. You see SMIT lacks coordination and communication. I helped these clubs there. I brought all these clubs together and threw some light on them in the seminar.
Q. Would you like to say anything about communism? Does it exist in our college?
A. See, communism doesn’t exist on the outside, it’s on the minds of people. It isn’t in SMIT, its individual characteristics. Sometimes it could be a mode to release frustration.

Q. Any message that you would like to give your juniors?
A. Well, I will be gone in a year, so its my time to pass things on to you. I think SMIT is going in a positive direction now, many initiatives have been taken and they are working. So, best of luck everyone and have a bright future ! 

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