Saturday, 21 March 2015

In conversation with the IHM Girls’ Basketball team.

Written by: Yash Raj Chettri (Head Editor)
Photographs by: Shreyas

Kaalrav has been well known for bringing together colleges from all over the north-eastern region and Kaalrav 2015 was no different. We saw the amazing talent from all the colleges unfold in the 3-day event. While all the on-stage events were going on, the athletes were hard at work in the basketball court. It was a well contested tournament as both the boys and the girls’ teams gave it their all.

During the course of the fest, I had the wonderful opportunity of engaging Kunga Chukie and the rest of IHM girls’ basketball team in a lively conversation about Kaalrav and the game they all loved.

Q) So it this your first time attending Kaalrav?
A) Yes, it’s our first time here.

Q) How do you feel about it? What’s the general review about?
A) It’s nice but the field tends to get quite dusty at times.

Q) Since this is your first time here, what were your first thoughts of our campus?
A) We like it here but everything is just a little spaced out. It takes a long time to get from one place to the other and that is a little inconvenient especially because we are drained out after playing basketball and going to the hostel from the court can be a tiring ordeal.

Q) Talking about your team now, how did the tournament go for you?
A) It went okay. We won a couple of games and reached the finals but unfortunately came out second. It was a good experience though.

Q) So could you tell me a little more about your team?
A) Yes, We have a basketball team called the Falcons and a few of our players were unable to join us due to prior engagement.

Q) Parikrama’s performance on the last day, did you guys enjoy it?
A) Parikrama was great. They really bought life to the crowd.

Q) Last but not the least, any word of advice to the organisers?
A) One thing that should change is the food stalls. They should not be exposed to all that dust. It was a bit unhygienic.

Kaalrav 2015 again fulfilled its promise and delivered 3 days of pure fun, competition and partying. It was great to see students from other colleges enjoying their stay here and here hoping that many more participate in the years to come.

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