Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Yash Sharan in conversation with Gangotri Goswami.

Gangotri Goswami as name says it all. VP of ECSA, coordinator of EMCEE committee, works in editorial board and what not. We got few minutes with her and she was open to the idea of being interviewed.

How is the experience of day zero?

Its awesome to be an integral part of the EMCEE committee.Tried different things this time in Kaalrav.Being a member of the EMCEE committee is an awesome and wonderful experience.The stage the theme the set up altogether is just amazing!!

What are your expectations from Kaalrav?

My expectations from Kaalrav are that it would provide a huge platform for students to showcase their talent and to interact with students of different colleges.One of the most amazing things about Kaalrav 2014 is that this time the colleges have arrived two days prior to day zero of Kaalrav 2014.

What is the best thing about Kaalrav?

The best thing about Kaalrav is that the whole college comes together.Thanks to the EMCEE committee we can enjoy FFF.By FFF I mean fun, food & friends.

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