Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Eastern Solo Singing

Reported by:- Hirak dutta Photographer:- Bibeth Sharma
The battle of intellects-Parliamentary Debate was followed by Eastern Solo Singing-an event for the melodious, the creative and the passionate. The rules of the event were as such: 1. Each contestant gets 3 minutes time, empty stage to empty stage. 2. Only one accompaniment is allowed. The judges for the day were Mr Vivek Chatterjee and Mrs Chandrima Roy Chowdhury.

The event kicked off with a beautiful sound of guitar strumming as our first participant, Debanjan Das filled the air around him with a melodious Bollywood number.  The second participant presented us a romantic number which got the audience humming and foot-tapping. The mood had already set in and it continued that way as the third participant, a student from SMIMS got the crowd following her voice. A cacophony of cheers and also some unexpected jeers from rival colleges followed as she left the microphone idle for the next participant. She came in without an accompanying instrument but did a hell of a job, evident from the loud applauding from the audience. The next participant, a student of CCCT sang the exact same track as her predecessor and beyond any doubt got the exact same reaction. A loud round of applause followed as our next participant from CCCT danced his hand along the fret-board of his guitar as the classic Bollywood number he performed was a tough cookie to crumble. The last participant for the day was the lovely Sushmita Sharma from ATTC. She had a beautiful voice and her song selection was bang-on for an unplugged performance. As evident from the judges’ reaction, it placed her directly as one of the contenders for a rather tough competition.

With that we came to the end of this event. You know what they say? If you have talent, it shows on the bigger stages. The contestants who came up there really had the knack for singing. They did a really good job, as we witnessed one very competitive yet very beautiful event.

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